Herb Distilling Class – Oct. 27

New Location!!!


Herb Distilling Class



Saturday, October 27th at 9am

at Amanda’s Farm to Fork

5951 Main Street ~ Lula, GA



Join us to learn how to distill herbs using a Handmade Copper Traditional Pot Still OR your own kitchen pots at home!  My life is filled with the statement “Why can’t I?” and with the same idea “WHY CAN’T YOU?!”

Learn to make Hydrosols (aka Floral Waters), Essential Oils, Steam Distillates and more!  We will discuss how to use herbs and their medicinal properties.

Please contact Amanda at (770) 540-1035
to sign up for the class.

Copper Herb Distillers will be available
for purchase at the class.


DIY Distilled Witch Hazel

I cherish being able to provide for myself in such simple ways, to have the mindset of “why can’t I?“.  Society tells us to go to the store and buy what we need or seek someone else to provide it, yet I can’t live that way.

Taking on the mindset of “why can’t I?” has taught me to research, to learn the old ways and teach others how to also.  Thinking along those lines, where does Witch Hazel come from?  Is it the name of the rather odd woman up the street who harvests herbs at 10:00 at night?  Is it some drug or pharmaceutical product that is unobtainable to us?  That thought is what the stores would lead you to believe.  If that was the case, then where did our grandmothers or ancestors get it from?

Early Americans learned of the medicinal properties of witch hazel from the Native Americans and quickly adopted it use, simply as boiling the stems and leaves for a decoction used to treat topical wounds and bruising.  The earliest refined production of witch hazel was by a druggist in Connecticut in 1846, starting with the trend of store bought medicines.

In my life, I think back to what my ancestors had available to them (or didn’t have) and had to make do.  Recently I needed witch hazel for an herbal ingredient late one night.  Grabbing the bottle only to find out IT WAS EMPTY!  Nooooo!!!!

“Why can’t I?”  Why can’t I go outside (at 10:00 at night…), harvest some limbs of my witch hazel bushes and run it through my copper still?  I CAN!!!!


witch hazel 1

First, bruise and chop the limbs and leaves from a witch hazel bush.  (I bought my bushes specifically for harvesting, although they look great in the yard.)

witch hazel 2

Next, place the chopped leaves and branches inside of your still (approximately half full).  Fill the boiler pot about 3/4 full with water.

witch hazel 3

Assemble your still and place it on the stove.  Filling the condenser pot with cold water, turn the stove on medium heat.  It will take about a half hour to an hour to come to a gentle boil and start condensing.

witch hazel 4

From about a gallon of water & plant material, I expect to get at least 2 quarts of Distilled Witch Hazel from this batch.  Don’t forget to change out your condenser water a few times when it gets warm.  This much liquid will probably take a few hours to run.  Be patient.

So what is next?  Lavender hydrosol & essential oil?

NOTE:  I will post soon about how to distill WITHOUT a copper still, only using pots from your kitchen!  Stay tuned…

What is a ‘Homegrown Lifestyle’?


In my search for long lost herbal remedies and a homegrown lifestyle, it came to my attention that many others were searching for the same thing.  I started falling back on the thought, “Why can’t I?” and with that thought, my path started down the herbal road.
Why can’t we provide for ourselves, create our own products, grow our own food and natural ingredients, WHY CAN’T WE?  The knowledge is out there, we just have to find it again.
JOIN ME IN THE SEARCH!!!  Here I learn to grow my own herbal ingredients, forage for what God provides, and share the adventure…  ~  Jenny


Local Herb Distilling CLASS

JOIN US!!  For another HERB DISTILLING CLASS locally at Amanda’s Farm to Fork in Lula, GA

Saturday, October 27th at 9am

Follow this link to Sign Up & purchase TICKETS!




Not all days are with the herbs!
Some are in the workshop.

The last few weeks I have been in the workshop with my husband building the Copper Herb Distillers. 

Yes I work right along side of him!  I love having a family that encourages me to work with them and try new things.  

Maybe I will get back out with the herbs and flowers tomorrow.

Herb Distilling Class – Sept. 22 (Blue Ridge, GA)


Back by popular demand!!! We were asked to hold another Herbal Distilling class sooner than expected due to the popularity of it!  Oh my lands how humbling! Thank you all for your interest and we hope to see many of you there.
– Jenny & Lawrence


When:  SEPTEMBER 22, 2018  –  3:00-5:00PM
Where:  The Folk Apothic – 3586 East 1st St. Suite 302, Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513
Class cost is $25. PLEASE PRE-REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS at The Folk Apothic in Blue Ridge, GA – (702) 907-4372

Learn how to Make Essential Oils and Hydrosols

Have you ever wondered how essential oils and florals waters (aka hydrolsol) are made? With the right tools and knowledge, you can actually make them at home! Jenny Stanley will show you how to make these herbal products in 2 ways: using a copper still or using everyday pots you have in your kitchen. Copper stills are not just for moonshine making. The same equipment has been used for hundreds of years to make ‘essences’, what we now call essential oils, which are a byproduct of hydrosols. You will learn both techniques and the history of herbal distilling, and leave with printed material and a sample of what we make in class. Personal Traditional Herb Distillers (copper pot stills) will be for sale. Class cost is $25. PLEASE PRE-REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS at The Folk Apothic in Blue Ridge, GA – (702) 907-4372